陕西11选5结果 Persist in establishing national brand watches

     The company mainly produces "variable geometry (cross section) nozzle ring components (VNT), seal ring" and other turbocharger core parts and components products. Companies adhere to the "customer as the center, to the quality as the foundation, in order to manage risk management, innovation and development" of the quality policy, strengthen process control, strict product quality.

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Yao Ping Pingxiang science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in May 2016,
is a young and dynamic enterprise company.
Settled in the new material industry demonstration base of Pingxiang Chishan country.
The main production of "variable geometry (cross section) nozzle ring (VNT), seal ring, floating bearings", such as turbocharger core parts and components.


  • What are the advantages of variable cross section turbocharger nozzle ring?

        Nozzle ring is used to adjust the gas flow in the volute and improve the performance of turbocharger response and high load condition. Traditional bypass valve discharge pressure models, there can only be opened or closed two of the exhaust gas treatment, the nozzle ring can make this regulation have become "linear".

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